SABI Sierra Leone launch event, at the British Council, Freetown, on 14 March 2017

About us

SABI is a four-year citizen-led accountability programme funded by UK aid and implemented by a consortium of leading international and Sierra Leonean partners, led by international development agency Christian Aid.

Operational in every district of the country, we aim to:

Contribute towards improvements in basic services

Strengthen community-led accountability, increasing awareness of, and demand for, the delivery of basic services – including health, education, social protection, water and energy. Support citizens to identify problems and work with state service providers to overcome challenges in service delivery.

Build relationships between citizens and the state

We build relationships between citizens and state, encouraging both citizens and state service providers to fulfil their own responsibilities for social amenities.

Support the Government’s development plans

We are working alongside, yet independently of, the Presidential Recovery Priorities, and will continue to support government plans as Sierra Leone transitions into the post-recovery phase.

Promote gender equality and social inclusion

Gender equality and social inclusion are central to the programme. We will support vulnerable and excluded groups to develop skills and be provided the support they need to become active agents of change in their communities.

  • Who we are

    The SABI consortium combines the complementary strengths of leading international and national agencies in Sierra Leone. Find out more about

  • What we do

    SABI helps create a more informed and empowered citizenry that can hold effective and ongoing dialogue with better engaged and more

  • Programme design

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