‘Accountability Powered by Young People’ – A SABI Learning Product

Accountability Powered by Young People

The inclusion of youth in the SABI programme is facilitated by Restless DevelopmentGoing beyond simply linking young people to service providers and decision makers, SABI has developed a culture of asking questions and following up with young Sierra Leoneans.

Restless Development unleashes the power of young people, as Youth Accountability Volunteers, (YAVs), to deliver, inform and influence change, including several core components of the project. Restless Development supported trained volunteers to reach out to different groups, as well as hold service providers to account across the whole community.

But what does the role of young people in the SABI programme mean for Sierra Leone?  This learning product shows the active role of young people in the programme, and their overall impact in supporting communities to address the most urgent issues in health, education and social protection.

Click on this link to access the learning product:  Accountability Powered by Young People SABI Learning Product FINAL