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    SABI Sierra Leone will produce case studies to share real-life stories of how our work is changing lives.

    Check back soon for more about our results, challenges and the lessons we’ve learnt.

    ‘Positive relationship builds between community and service providers’

    19 February 2019 | Posted in Case Studies

    In the small, vibrant community of Allen Town, located along the Freetown-Waterloo highway, in Western Urban District, people had over

    ‘SABI has taught this village that we have a right to education’

    6 February 2019 | Posted in Case Studies

    Many children from the village of Logbereh, 15 miles from Makeni, Bombali District, have been walking two miles to school each morning and two miles back at the end of

    Putting inclusion firmly on the agenda

    18 June 2018 | Posted in Case Studies| News| News and views

    SABI has held a forum for its partners and other stakeholders to share and learn from their experiences in promoting

    Watch our new film: SABI infographics provide vital feedback on essential services

    15 December 2017 | Posted in Case Studies

    SABI infographic

    SABI and its partner Restless Development have developed more than 3,600 ‘handmade’ infographics to present vital data about essential services

    Radio stations using SABI data to cover key issues

    15 December 2017 | Posted in Case Studies

    SABI Radio Banka Soka FM97 show being recorded

    Journalists from radio stations across Sierra Leone have been using citizen perception data gathered by SABI to inform the content

    SABI is a ‘good approach’ to addressing education needs

    15 December 2017 | Posted in Case Studies

    St Joseph's School, Freetown

    Education is key to tackling poverty and enabling people to access their rights. Yet not all children in Sierra Leone

    Wi Di Pipul show has had an impact on listeners that can be sustained

    15 December 2017 | Posted in Case Studies

    BBC Media Action has been looking back at its work with SABI after its involvement in the project drew to a

    Engaging with women is key to SABI success

    15 December 2017 | Posted in Case Studies

    It is vital for the SABI programme to reach out to women, supporting them to participate fully in free, fair

    CGG reports back on SABI successes and challenges so far

    15 December 2017 | Posted in Case Studies

    The Campaign for Good Governance (CGG) reported strong participation by women, young people and people with disabilities in its work

    Young people can be force for peace

    15 December 2017 | Posted in Case Studies

    Youngsters in Tankoro Chiefdom, Kono district.

    A youth leader believes SABI can play a big role in in helping young people become peace-builders in communities and