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    The latest news, blogs and stories from SABI Sierra Leone.

    SABI Conducts a Roundtable on Governance and Accountability.

    8 March 2021 | Posted in News| News and views

      With similar events supported in the North, South and Eastern Regions of the country, the UKAID funded SABI programme

    SABI Conducts a Close-out Press Briefing.

    7 March 2021 | Posted in News| News and views

      Focus1000, SABI national partner, has conducted a one-day press briefing session, for journalists and MDAs; including the Decentralisation Secretariat

    SABI Learning Webinar Live: Monday 8th 1-2pm (UK/SL time).

    4 March 2021 | Posted in News| News and views

      We are very excited to link you into this one hour learning webinar, on 8th March 2021, from 1pm –

    Sharing learning with state actors to improve service delivery.

    26 January 2021 | Posted in News

    The SABI programme works with the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE), through Focus1000 (a SABI national partner)

    SABI Conducts a Communications Learning Event

    11 March 2020 | Posted in News and views

    As a programme, SABI generally shares lessons with partners and other accountability programmes on what does and does not work

    ‘Strengthening Relationships for Service Improvement’

    3 February 2020 | Posted in News| News and views

    On Thursday, 30th January 2020, the citizens led accountability project in Sierra Leone, SABI; which exists to create a more

    Christian Aid Sierra Leone team benefits from a safeguarding and accountability training

    3 September 2019 | Posted in News and views

    As a standard operating procedure in the Christian Aid community, all staff, representatives, volunteers and partners have the responsibility to

    SABI holds consultative meeting with SLUDI and DPO Representatives

    3 April 2019 | Posted in News

    In June 2018, SABI made a grant call for civil society organisations to submit proposals to enhance accountable governance for

    What is accountability, and why should it be powered by young people?

    11 March 2019 | Posted in Blog

    SABI works through volunteers to collect Citizen Perception Data, and then supports communities to use that data to demand improved

    SABI hosts Ward Development Committee learning event

    4 March 2019 | Posted in News and views

    Ward Development Committees (WDCs) are pivotal structures that SABI engages to help mobilise communities, create linkages with council and hold