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    The latest news, blogs and stories from SABI Sierra Leone.

    SABI Conducts a Communications Learning Event

    11 March 2020 | Posted in News and views

    As a programme, SABI generally shares lessons with partners and other accountability programmes on what does and does not work

    ‘Strengthening Relationships for Service Improvement’

    3 February 2020 | Posted in News| News and views

    On Thursday, 30th January 2020, the citizens led accountability project in Sierra Leone, SABI; which exists to create a more

    Christian Aid Sierra Leone team benefits from a safeguarding and accountability training

    3 September 2019 | Posted in News and views

    As a standard operating procedure in the Christian Aid community, all staff, representatives, volunteers and partners have the responsibility to

    SABI holds consultative meeting with SLUDI and DPO Representatives

    3 April 2019 | Posted in News

    In June 2018, SABI made a grant call for civil society organisations to submit proposals to enhance accountable governance for

    What is accountability, and why should it be powered by young people?

    11 March 2019 | Posted in Blog

    SABI works through volunteers to collect Citizen Perception Data, and then supports communities to use that data to demand improved

    SABI hosts Ward Development Committee learning event

    4 March 2019 | Posted in News and views

    Ward Development Committees (WDCs) are pivotal structures that SABI engages to help mobilise communities, create linkages with council and hold

    ‘Modelling the Change We Want to See’: The SABI Approach to Promoting Equality and Inclusion

    28 February 2019 | Posted in Blog

    By Amy Harrison, Social Development Direct In December 2018, SABI completed its second ‘Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Scan’.

    NEWS STORY – SABI Strengthens Partnership with The Ministry of Health and Sanitation

    20 February 2019 | Posted in News| News and views

    Partnership is one of the core values that shapes the strategic direction of SABI, and a vital output, that contributes

    ‘National conversations give citizens a voice’

    19 February 2019 | Posted in News| News and views

    As government and development partners work to improve service delivery in health, education and social protection in Sierra Leone, a

    CSOs across nation find out more about SABI grants

    26 June 2018 | Posted in News and views

    Nearly 100 local CSOs have attended information sessions held across the country to find out more about grants available through