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    The latest news and press releases from SABI Sierra Leone.

    SABI Conducts a Roundtable on Governance and Accountability.

    8 March 2021 | Posted in News| News and views

      With similar events supported in the North, South and Eastern Regions of the country, the UKAID funded SABI programme

    SABI Conducts a Close-out Press Briefing.

    7 March 2021 | Posted in News| News and views

      Focus1000, SABI national partner, has conducted a one-day press briefing session, for journalists and MDAs; including the Decentralisation Secretariat

    SABI Learning Webinar Live: Monday 8th 1-2pm (UK/SL time).

    4 March 2021 | Posted in News| News and views

      We are very excited to link you into this one hour learning webinar, on 8th March 2021, from 1pm –

    Sharing learning with state actors to improve service delivery.

    26 January 2021 | Posted in News

    The SABI programme works with the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE), through Focus1000 (a SABI national partner)

    ‘Strengthening Relationships for Service Improvement’

    3 February 2020 | Posted in News| News and views

    On Thursday, 30th January 2020, the citizens led accountability project in Sierra Leone, SABI; which exists to create a more

    SABI holds consultative meeting with SLUDI and DPO Representatives

    3 April 2019 | Posted in News

    In June 2018, SABI made a grant call for civil society organisations to submit proposals to enhance accountable governance for

    NEWS STORY – SABI Strengthens Partnership with The Ministry of Health and Sanitation

    20 February 2019 | Posted in News| News and views

    Partnership is one of the core values that shapes the strategic direction of SABI, and a vital output, that contributes

    ‘National conversations give citizens a voice’

    19 February 2019 | Posted in News| News and views

    As government and development partners work to improve service delivery in health, education and social protection in Sierra Leone, a

    UK’s Africa minister visits SABI community

    18 June 2018 | Posted in News| News and views

    The UK government’s Minister for African Affairs has heard how people in communities reached by the SABI programme now have

    Putting inclusion firmly on the agenda

    18 June 2018 | Posted in Case Studies| News| News and views

    SABI has held a forum for its partners and other stakeholders to share and learn from their experiences in promoting