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    The latest news, blogs and stories from SABI Sierra Leone.

    SABI is challenging patrimony and exclusion

    30 May 2018 | Posted in News| News and views

    SABI team leader Jane East has called on Sierra Leone’s new government to respond fairly to the needs of the

    CPS launch: ‘This has come directly from the people – it is bound to have an impact.’

    30 May 2018 | Posted in News| News and views

    Sierra Leone’s Auditor General believes ‘citizens making their voices heard’ is essential for leaders to understand and respond to the country’s most

    Learning event explores digital data collection

    9 May 2018 | Posted in News| News and views| Resources

    SABI has held a one-day learning event on how digital data collection can be incorporated into monitoring and evaluation (M&E)

    CPS report published: a national resource promoting better development

    23 March 2018 | Posted in News and views| Resources

    A fundamental component of the SABI programme to date has been gathering evidence of Sierra Leoneans’ experiences of health, education

    SABI holds National Service Summit

    8 December 2017 | Posted in News| News and views

    SABI National Service Summit, December 2017

    SABI has held a National Service Summit to promote dialogue between citizens and state actors and move towards sustainable solutions

    National launch of the SABI programme

    20 March 2017 | Posted in News| News and views| Press releases

    Singers at the SABI launch event March 2017

    The SABI programme, which seeks to strengthen community-led accountability in every district of Sierra Leone and improve the delivery of

    New Wi Di Pipul radio show launches in Sierra Leone

    2 March 2017 | Posted in News| News and views

    SABI Radio Banka Soka FM97 show being recorded

    Wi Di Pipul is a new BBC Media Action show looking at health, education and social protection in Sierra Leone.