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    This is where you’ll find the latest reports, evaluations, lessons and guides from SABI Sierra Leone.

    ‘Accountability Powered by Young People’ – A SABI Learning Product

    28 February 2019 | Posted in Resources

    The inclusion of youth in the SABI programme is facilitated by Restless Development. Going beyond simply linking young people to service providers

    SABI Annual Report 2017

    23 July 2018 | Posted in Resources

    SABI is helping citizens to become more active and informed, able to speak up, claim their rights, and engage constructively

    Learning event explores digital data collection

    9 May 2018 | Posted in News| News and views| Resources

    SABI has held a one-day learning event on how digital data collection can be incorporated into monitoring and evaluation (M&E)

    CPS report published: a national resource promoting better development

    23 March 2018 | Posted in News and views| Resources

    A fundamental component of the SABI programme to date has been gathering evidence of Sierra Leoneans’ experiences of health, education

    Digital data and improved governance

    28 February 2018 | Posted in Resources

    The value of using advances in technology to bridge the gap between citizens, decision makers and service providers has been

    Behaviour change approach for accountable governance

    28 February 2018 | Posted in Resources

    Download our brand new learning product by clicking on the link below: Briefing Note- Applying a behaviour change approach for

    Local power structures and decentralised service delivery systems

    28 February 2018 | Posted in Resources

    This report is part of an ongoing series of political economy analysis to inform SABI’s programming and engagement with the

    Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Strategy

    26 February 2018 | Posted in Resources

    Women standing and sitting together

    This document is a guiding framework for the incorporation of GESI into SABI. Click below to read the full document.

    Contextual Analysis for the SABI GESI Strategy

    25 February 2018 | Posted in Resources

    The purpose of this contextual analysis is to better understand the context of Sierra Leone post-Ebola and to inform the

    Health services improving for hard-to-reach communities

    15 September 2017 | Posted in Case Studies| Resources

    Surrounded by rocky hills, forests and with very poor roads, Bafodia, in Koinadagu district, is a remote community in northern