Celebrating our youth volunteers – Meet Mohamed

The SABI programme works closely with youth volunteers throughout partner Arrested Development to mobilize their own communities and become change agents themselves. The volunteers are trained to lead activities, collect vital data effectively, develop reports and become confident when public speaking.

Here we share the experiences of Mohamed Kamara and what the SABI programme has meant for him.


Meet Mohamed

Guiding the process of action plan development 

Mohamed Kamara is a Youth Accountability Volunteer for the SABI programme in Rokonta village, Bombali District. During the COVID-19 outbreak, he took on a leadership role raising awareness about the pandemic and helping his community to develop action plans to stop the spread of the virus. The passion and dedication that he has shown has brought him respect from his peers and elders in the community.

However, this was not always the case. Mohamed lives with a disability and was sidelined by many community members and prevented from participating in community life. Despite this, he did not let his disability define him, and in 2019, Mohamed competed against his peers to become a Youth Accountability Volunteer. He was later recruited and invited to participate in the delivery of the SABI programme.

Through the SABI programme, he has learned important skills like digital data collection and report writing skills. He now plans to further his studies in Makeni and to become a Councillor in his community so that he can represent the interests of his constituents.

Guiding the process of action plan development


In his own words…

I have been able to change the mindset of people. I was at the forefront of every activity conducted here. I would travel on motorbikes to communities even when they were far away. Now other people living with disabilities can feel safe because through me an element of SABI was lived out.