Celebrating our youth volunteers – Meet Jendie

The SABI programme works closely with youth volunteers throughout partner Arrested Development to mobilize their own communities and become change agents themselves. The volunteers are trained to lead activities, collect vital data effectively, develop reports and become confident when public speaking.

Here we share the experiences of Jendie Lappia, and what the SABI programme has meant for her.


Meet Jendie

Jendie Lappia


After completing her senior secondary exams, like many young people in Mokanji village, Moyamba, Jendie supported her parents on their farm and looked after her younger siblings. When Restless Development started recruiting in her community in 2019, Jendie was soon recruited to represent her community as a Youth Accountability Volunteer. Jendie admits that in the beginning, she was very shy to face strangers and to speak out during public gatherings.


Provided with training on public speaking, data collection and creating reports, her field officer also provided hands-on support and mentoring sessions to build her confidence. Throughout her placement Jendie has supported her community to come together, participating in community discussions and using android phones to collect vital data.

Jendie Lappia during smartphone data collection in the community.


In her own words…

I am grateful for the change that has taken place in my life as a result of my participation in the SABI programme. When I joined the SABI training, the most upsetting times were when a Facilitator would ask me to lead a session.

Difficult as it was for me, I started putting myself out there to lead on the community engagement meetings, and it was bumpy at the start but that is where my breakthrough finally started.

I appreciate the monthly team meetings and the mentoring support provided by my Field Officer. Today, I am proud to have contributed to leading social change in Sierra Leone.