Christian Aid Sierra Leone team benefits from a safeguarding and accountability training

CA Sierra Leone team benefits from a safeguarding and accountability training

As a standard operating procedure in the Christian Aid community, all staff, representatives, volunteers and partners have the responsibility to recognize, respond, record and report all major and minor incidents related to safeguarding.

To increase understanding and show how this relates to Christian Aid, a four days safeguarding and accountability training has been conducted, from 23rd – 26th July 2019, for all Christian Aid Sierra Leone staff, including one senior representative from each partner organization.

The training took place at the Vanilla Complex in Freetown and was led by Judy Pang – the Team lead of our IPSO, Eoghan Walsh – our Safeguarding Manager and Catherine Skehan – our Accountability Manager.

During the workshop, participants deeply examined the different levels of power, through practical activities like the abuse and power imbalance exercise, which enabled participants to identify the various categories of abuse and demonstrates how people with higher power; manipulate, abuse, control and demean others to show superiority.

CA Sierra Leone team benefits from a safeguarding and accountability training

This opened a huge discussion on how to raise concerns and who is responsible for safeguarding, including an in-depth look at the core humanitarian standard on quality and accountability. Question and answer sessions followed up each day, through which clarifications were made on a range of safeguarding issues.

Throughout the four days, participants specifically benefited from;

  1. Information shared about safeguarding policies and processes
  2. How to address the underlying barriers preventing people from reporting and the organization from responding effectively
  3. How to communicate safeguarding in communities
  4. Common terms linked to safeguarding
  5. How to ensure the utmost data protection
  6. How to support survivors, and
  7. How to effectively use the four R’s of safeguarding.

At the end of the workshop, participants agreed that the training was useful, timely and educative. Most partners said that it’s a new learning that will improve their safeguarding work, and that they now have the responsibility to cascade this important training and bring their respective organizations up to speed.

The Country Manager, Jeanne Kamara, described the workshop as essential and further emphasized that Christian Aid is firmly committed to safeguarding because we strive to provide a safe and trusted environment for every person connected with the work we do. She maintained that this safeguarding workshop will empower everyone to continue protecting people, from any harm that may be caused due to their coming into contact with Christian Aid.