Citizens Perception in Education – 2019 Report

SABI Citizens Perception Survey 2019 Education report

We are excited to share final Citizens Perceptions Survey Report 2019. This includes perceptions from Sierra Leoneans in 2019 on Education ServicesClick here to download. 

The third wave of data was collected for the Citizen Perception Survey (CPS) in 610 communities throughout Sierra Leone in May 2019, enabling citizens to reflect on the availability and quality of essential services. Previous waves of the CPS were collected in those communities in March-April 2017 and June-August 2018.

Citizens took part in face to face surveys with data inputted by Restless Development trained Youth Accountability Volunteers into smartphones. Sampling was based on random household sampling techniques using structured questionnaires. Full information on fieldwork and sampling is outlined in the SABI field manual, found here.