Download our data

You can download and use our full data set by completing the short form below and agreeing to the terms outlined. If you have any problems or questions, please contact

Who are we?

SABI is a four-year citizen-led accountability programme funded by UK aid and being delivered by a consortium of leading international and Sierra Leonean partners, led by Christian Aid. Operational in every district in the country, the programme seeks to strengthen community-led accountability, increasing awareness of, and demand for, the delivery of basic services – including health, education, social protection, water and energy.

What data do you collect?

In line with this goal, we are gathering data on citizens’ perceptions of the services they are accessing. The citizen perception survey (CPS) includes country-wide data, collected from 606 communities, 80 wards and 40 chiefdoms. It covers all 14 districts of Sierra Leone and contains over 40,000 submissions.

Why do you share it?

As part of our vision to put citizen’s voices at the center of decision making processes for improved service delivery, we share the findings of this data set through various mediums widely, at community, ward, district and national level. We are also willing to share the raw data gathered with interested institutions, on agreement to the terms outlined in this agreement.

Agreement to terms: access and use of SABI citizen perception survey raw data

We thank you for your interest in putting citizen’s voices at the center of your decision-making processes. Please sign below to demonstrate your acceptance of the following terms:

  • We acknowledge that the community names have been removed from this data set in order to strengthen the anonymity of the survey respondents.
  • We commit to prevent any individual within our institution from using this raw data set to attempt to identify individual respondents to the survey.
  • We commit to ensure the raw data set is retained within and used by our institution, and only our institution. If we become aware of any other institution that is interested in obtaining a copy of the raw data, we will direct them to SABI, Christian Aid.
  • We commit to accrediting SABI, Christian Aid, as the owners and generators of the SABI CPS data, in any and all documentation in which the CPS data is cited.
  • We will share information with SABI, Christian Aid on the manner in which we have used the raw data for our decision-making purposes, within six months of receiving the raw data set. We recognise that sharing information with SABI, Christian Aid in this manner will strengthen their approach to gathering and sharing data on citizen’s perception of services.