Contextual Analysis for the SABI GESI Strategy

The purpose of this contextual analysis is to better understand the context of Sierra Leone post-Ebola and to inform the development of the Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) strategy for the SABI programme which supports work with and by communities for improved service delivery, as part of wider support to the Sierra Leonean Government’s post-Ebola Recovery Plan.

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SABI GESI Strategy Contextual Analysis

This contextual analysis of gender equality and social inclusion issues in Sierra Leone brings together a rapid literature review and information obtained from a number of key informant interviews with a range of organisations, including SABI consortium and implementing partners. A list of the organisations that were interviewed is included in Annex 1.

The key audiences for this internal document are the Programme Management Team (PMT) which includes all SABI consortium members (Restless Development, SDDirect, BBC Media Action, Mango and Christian Aid), operational staff, SABI implementing partners and DFID. It provides a small-scale political economy analysis of gender equality and social inclusion issues, endeavouring to not only act as a background document to the GESI strategy, which will be implemented from January 2017, but also to offer insights to keep in mind as the PMT makes decisions on selecting issues and ideas to be taken forward within the grants provided and among the partners.