This report presents the findings of the learning review of the project “Ensuring effective revenue mobilization, transparency and accountability at the local level”, implemented by Democracy and Development Associates (DADA-SL) as part of the SABI programme in Sierra Leone funded by UK Aid.

The aim of this project was to increase citizen’s confidence and compliance towards the payment of local tax in order to maximize the total revenue realized and paid to the District Council. It was implemented in Bombali District across Bombali Sebora and Gbendembu Chiefdoms between December 2018 and June 2020.

The learning review was conducted in March 2020 while the project was still ongoing and reviewed the first year of implementation. The rationale for this learning review is to document the projects innovative use of a participatory methodology of dialogue between the Chiefdom authorities, District Authorities and community members to improve local revenue mobilization and administration. Anecdotal evidence pointed to the good success of the project, but these had not been systematically documented. In addition, the challenges encountered by the project provide fruitful grounds for learning.

Download full learning paper here.