How Engagement with SABI has Strengthened the Advocacy Capacity and Autonomy of Focus1000.

SABI approach has strengthened FOCUS 1000 to build strong alliance with other partner organisations.

As an organisation, our biggest learning from SABI when it comes to advocacy, is the generation of credible and verifiable data. For effective advocacy and engagement, Focus1000 now provides proof to support all advocacy asks.

Focus1000 embarked on high level advocacy with MDAs and CSOs on issues using the CPS data as a fact tool on the experiences of citizens to enhance service delivery has increased public trust and strengthened FOUS 1000 relationship with partner organisations

Also, as part of safeguarding approach to prevent risks and insecurity of people in the work place and the country as a whole, FOCUS 1000 has used the SABI safeguarding approach to engage CSOs in an advocacy campaign to enhance the preparedness of partner organisations and citizenry against the Corona Virus.

The specific issue that was addressed using SABI approach is that of Safeguarding measures to minimise risk during the global outbreak of the Corona virus

FOCUS 1000 has mobilised, built the capacity of CSOs and Kombra network on the Corona Virus preparedness to be cascaded to the least community in Sierra Leone. The Kombra network is made up of seven different CBOs operating across the country in every village and chiefdom. Using them as champions particularly the religious leaders, market women and traditional healers to engage and educate the citizens at all level on corona virus outbreak will increase awareness and better placed the nation in preparedness against the Virus.

The team has embarked on effective community and media (Radio/TV/Print) engagements to raise awareness and educate the public on the prevention and control measures of the COVID-19.

A lot of communities/organisations have instituted the hand washing method. Many people are aware about the virus and the safety measures. Developed key advocacy materials in the form of infographics on the prevention of the COVID-19. The entire country has been reached with key advocacy messages as risk mitigation mechanism.

There has been increased awareness about the virus and increased practice of safety measures as many people no practice the hand washing method

FOCUS 1000 has conducted a KAP survey to get the level of knowledge of citizens regarding the virus. Keeping to safeguarding measures helps to mitigate the risks of the virus at organisational and national level.