Evidence and Knowledge Demonstrating How Focus1000 Built Connections in Communities.

FOCUS 1000 organised a National Service Summit at the Family Kingdom resort, Aberdeen in Freetown.

The event brought together influential representatives from civil society, district councils, partner organisations, the media and government line ministries, to strengthen relationships between front-line service providers and service users.

The summit created a responsive platform where over 200 citizens (from across the country) and state actors discussed the findings of the citizens perception survey and agreed on workable solutions to improve services in health education and social protection.

Lack of trust, between service users and service providers, have been a very popular barrier preventing the effective delivery of services in health, education and social protection. Clearly understanding the perceptions of citizens in service delivery has been a gap for line ministries and most civil society organisations, who undertake advocacy asks to improve service delivery, because they lack credible data on the subject. This is where SABI comes in.

During the service summit, Focus1000 presented the citizens perception data, which represents the everyday experiences of citizens using services, and it covers a wide range of topics, including citizen’s satisfaction, utilization and quality of services provided in health, education and social protection.

Focus1000 also facilitated a “what works” conversation where civil society organisations and service providers, agreed to work together, in a strong alliance to address service delivery concerns, using the CPS data.

The Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education – Dr. David Moinina Sengeh appreciates the summit because it brought together people and representatives from all over the country and thanked everyone present for participating in this process. He endorsed the report, noting that, knowing about services is very essential because it help people to make commitment to change for positive outcomes.

Focus1000 further engaged the Minister of Education after the service summit on the best ways to action the critical findings and recommendations in the CPS report. Focus1000 also shared learning products and copies of the CPS report with civil society organisation and inspired active synergies between them and the service providers.

Bringing civil society and service providers together to interface for the improvement of services delivered on health, education and social protection, helped to build connections and improve the relationship between citizens and the state.

This connection led to the following outcomes;

  • Government validated the SABI CPS report


  • The Minister of Education is using SABI CPS data as evidence to present the state of Education in Sierra Leone, nationally and internationally. The ministry of Education is also using SABI CPS report to take informed decision on education – the establishment of the Disability secretariat and recruiting of a PWD as a Deputy Director to help inform decisions on disability issues.



  • All MBSSE Staff has been instructed to read the SABI CPS report, understand the underlying issues and provide actions/recommendations to resolve the issues.


  • The ministry has also developed Inclusive Education Policy to capture girls and children with disability to get access to quality education based on evidence shown in the CPS data.