Port Loko District Council, Sierra Leone


SABI, a citizen-led accountability programme funded by UK aid, launched an open call for grant applications on 11 June 2018.  The SABI grants fund is designed to fill identified gaps in our current implementation, to complement and strengthen the work of our existing local partners, and to feed into programme learning.

The fund comprises a total pool of £490k and grants will be awarded for 12-month projects for the sum of between £15k and £25k per project (between Le 150m and Le 250m).

The grant call is now closed. Applicants who submitted their proposals by the deadline (10 July 2018 23:59pm) will receive a response within one month. 

The next SABI grants call will be in October 2018. Please check back here regularly for updates.


Further info

Who was able to apply?

Local NGOs and other CSOs registered in Sierra Leone could apply. SABI set strict eligibility criteria for organisations and project proposals will only be considered for those organisations able to meet all of the criteria set out in the briefing pack.

Please note that all activities funded by SABI grants must target locations where the programme is already operational – click here for a full list of  wards and chiefdoms.

Objectives of the grants fund

Every grant must respond to one or more of the objectives set out below and must have a clear gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) focus.

  • Enhance the capability of communities to hold duty bearers to account for service delivery
  • Enhance the capability of duty bearers to be more accountable in their delivery of services
  • Respond to the CPS findings in SABI target areas
  • Promote an integrated approach to GESI across the programme, with clear results for women, persons with disabilities (PWDs) and other marginalised groups
  • Fill identified gaps in our current implementation
  • Respond to unexpected or emerging opportunities
  • Contribute to programme learning, leverage and influence; and generate evidence for programme adaptation

Identified gaps in our current implementation

Set out below are three areas where we have identified gaps in our current implementation and projects which address these will be preferred.

  1. Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI)
  2. Policy literacy at community level
  3. Strengthening capacity of structures

See the briefing pack (below) for full details.

Application process

This is a one-stage application process. All applicants were required to submit a full application form with budget, action plan and other supporting documentation. The grant call is now closed. Applicants who submitted their proposals by the deadline (10 July 2018 23:59pm) will receive a response within one month.

SABI grants briefing pack (PDF) – for reference and further details.

Questions for clarification can be directed to SABIgrants@christian-aid.org, and will be responded to within a week of receipt.

Information sessions

The SABI team held information sessions during the week beginning 18 June 2018 for potential applicants in each of the regional capitals (Bo, Kenema, Port Loko and Makeni) to outline the process and respond to questions relating to the call.