Increased Knowledge inspires Madina community to collaborate for the construction of a new well

New well constructed in Madina community.

Before the intervention of SABI in Madina community, Kambia district, most people believed that Councillors are the only stakeholders responsible to facilitate development in the Chiefdom. Some development initiatives on health and education in Madina town, go on with little supervision from the community because people were not generally informed of the overall goal. This limited their involvement in community development work.

Projects that aims to deliver hand dug wells within the community end up doing poor quality work, due to lesser supervision. This affected the availability of clean drinking water in Madina community.

The Field Officer (Michael M Conteh) of Sierra Leone Social Aid Volunteers (SLSAV), who is a SABI partner that works in Kambia District, North of Sierra Leone, organised a policy literacy session to increase the knowledge of stakeholders and community members in Madina. The community was largely informed about the event and stakeholders including; Ward Councillor, Town Chiefs, Ward Development Committee Members, Village Development Committee Members, Teachers and Nurses, were keen to learn about the basic policy provisions in health and education.

During the event at the court barry, the Field Staff provided information on the three national policies in health, education and social protection, including the intervention areas of service providers. Further discussions were held on the roles and responsibilities of community members to get involved and benefit from the policies. This was the start of a bigger conversation on social challenges in the community and how these policies can help the gaps. With this new-found knowledge, participants saw the need to embrace gender equality and social inclusion, they discussed possible ways of energizing their roles to make things happen.

This policy literacy session is very useful because it has increased our knowledge. I have learnt that inclusion is very paramount in community development. I will work with my people to monitor all community projects and take decisions together – Town Chief of Madina – Ya Alimamy Kamara.

All participants left the meeting fully informed and in high spirits, to collaborate and move forward together.

Today, with ongoing collaborations and monitoring of projects by members of the community, a new hand pump well has been constructed that everyone appreciates in the community.

New well constructed in Madina community.

SABI was highly appreciated for increasing their knowledge on policy literacy and inclusion.