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Sharing knowledge and learning is at the heart of SABI and is integrated at all levels of the programme.

We will continuously communicate and extend the lessons and knowledge generated by the programme to service providers and other development partners.

Our knowledge management and communications strategy focus largely on the gathering and sharing of lessons learned and best practice, of what works and what does not, and why, when it comes to improving voice and accountability for improved service delivery in Sierra Leone.

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‘SABI has taught this village that we have a right to education’

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Many children from the village of Logbereh, 15 miles from Makeni, Bombali District, have been walking two miles to school each morning and two miles back at the end of

SABI Annual Report 2017

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SABI is helping citizens to become more active and informed, able to speak up, claim their rights, and engage constructively

Putting inclusion firmly on the agenda

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SABI has held a forum for its partners and other stakeholders to share and learn from their experiences in promoting

Learning event explores digital data collection

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SABI has held a one-day learning event on how digital data collection can be incorporated into monitoring and evaluation (M&E)

CPS report published: a national resource promoting better development

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A fundamental component of the SABI programme to date has been gathering evidence of Sierra Leoneans’ experiences of health, education

Digital data and improved governance

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The value of using advances in technology to bridge the gap between citizens, decision makers and service providers has been