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Sharing knowledge and learning is at the heart of SABI and is integrated at all levels of the programme.

We will continuously communicate and extend the lessons and knowledge generated by the programme to service providers and other development partners.

Our knowledge management and communications strategy focus largely on the gathering and sharing of lessons learned and best practice, of what works and what does not, and why, when it comes to improving voice and accountability for improved service delivery in Sierra Leone.

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COM-B, which stands for Capacity, Opportunity and Motivation, is a process used by SABI to analyse problems and identify what

SABI Data Protection Measures

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SABI data protection measures SABI is a community led governance and accountability programme that collects perception data on citizens’ experience

The latest SABI Brochure

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J115275_SABI_Brochure_WEB As we continue to demonstrate that interventions designed specifically to address the capability, opportunity and motivation factors that inhibit

The SABI Learning Review Report

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SABI Learning Review – Triggering citizen action SABI is a programme that supports citizens to effectively engage the state for

‘Increase the knowledge of our people on rights and responsibilities’, say councillors

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A vital part of the SABI programme has been presenting evidence and data around citizens’ perceptions of service delivery. In

SABI encourages wider dialogue on free and quality education

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As well as raising awareness of key government policies and procedures on education services in communities, SABI is also supporting