Maternal deaths reduced due to SABI intervention in Kamabala community.

Reduced maternal death in Kamabala Community

Kamabala Ward 193 in Tonko Limba Chiefdom, Kambia District, had experienced high maternal death rate as a result of Low ANC attendance, which resulted from low knowledge on health services. In 2016, the health center recorded 13 still birth cases.

SABI intervention through SLSAV, a SABI partner in the North, enlightened pregnant women and the wider community, through a policy literacy session.

The session explained the various policy provisions in health, education and social protection; and emphasized on the responsibilities of service providers and service users to access and improve health services.

With new knowledge gained from the policy literacy session, adult women became inspired to educate pregnant women together with their husbands about the importance of accessing health service and improving maternal health. They conducted household sensitization, encouraging pregnant women to visit the health center, while referring to key lessons learnt from the policy literacy session. This continued for about 3 months, and health center staff began to see an improvement in the turnout of pregnant women at the health center.

With increased supply of information on maternal health, both both pregnant women and their husbands now visit the health center together. The high maternal death rate has reduced and the compliance of pregnant women with ANC is progressive. There has been only 3 maternal deaths recorded in 2019.

Together, the people in Kamabala appointed focal persons that serves as an escort to take the pregnant women to hospital during emergencies. This has further enhanced the confidence of pregnant women to attend ANC. The community also created a local fund that is currently used to pay for transportation to health facility reducing the risk of walking up to 6 miles.

We are happy for the intervention of SABI in ward 193. SABI has supported us with information that led to increased awareness on health services. This has motivated pregnant women to comply with ANC attendance and reduced still birth cases. The role of SABI is very critical because they provide information that pushes us into action – Desmond Kamara, Councillor ward 193.