New health facility Constructed in Njagbahun Badjia.

Health Facility Now Fully Operational

A Community stakeholders’ self-built structure in Njagbahun, Badjia chiefdom, ward 297, in Bo District, has been approved due to series of engagements between the District Health Management Team and the Ward Development Committee (WDC). This is how SABI inspired it.

Pregnant women and care givers with under five children, have been struggling for the 2 years to access the health facility in Ngelehun Badjia, ward 297, in Bo District. People usually cover about 12 miles to access health service in the chiefdom headquarter town.

Through SABI’s Citizen Perception Survey (CPS), Restless Development Youth Accountability Volunteers (YAVs) recorded the experiences of people in Njagbahun Badjia. The lack of a health facility came through as a major problem in the community.

The Youth Accountability Volunteers supported Ward Development Committees and Chiefdom leaders to identify the most urgent issues and plugged them into an action plan. They identified realistic roles and responsibilities, including specific timelines in the plan.

The WDC led series of meetings to coordinate their efforts, during which people agreed to contribute their own revenue and used local materials to put up a health centre structure.

RADA Sierra Leone in collaboration with the MP (Ambross Maada Lebbie) and Focus 100, took the DMO and DHMT in a joint monitoring visit to assess the facility. The stakeholders explained that their community action plan shows a high need for them to take action to acquire a health centre.

Community Meeting at Njagbahun Badjia

The assessment came out positive, the DMO noticed that the people of Ngelehun Badjia, ward 297, had built a structure that met the criteria for an operational health centre. The DMO and DHMT  immediately ordered drugs to be supplied and assigned health staff to assist in the centre until a full placement is arranged.

This is the kind of home grown initiatives will help communities to develop faster. Support from the DHMT happens periodically, but if the people are now rising up to their own challenges, it’s easier to meet them halfway. Thank God for this SABI project for providing this knowledge. – DMO BO District

I think this is a good example of what community strength can do and having an agency like SABI to inspire and educate our communities for the better. Government cannot do everything everywhere, but if communities in Sierra Leone are proactive like this, the narrative will be different. SABI is changing the way communities think.  – MP (Ambross Maada Lebbie).

New Health Center Structure in Ngelehun Badjia


Health Facility Now Fully Operational

The facility is now in full operation, citizens’ now save time, energy and resources to access health services instead of travelling 12 miles on foot or pay huge transportation costs to access health services. This has encouraged ANC attendance at a huge scale.

People in Ngelehun Badjia, now sees the benefit of working together and developing their own action plans. This reflect greater agency on the part of citizens, enhanced social capital with SABI as a catalyst for communities working together to improve services.