New Wi Di Pipul radio show launches in Sierra Leone

SABI Radio Banka Soka FM97 show being recorded

Radio Bankasoka FM is one of SABI’s radio station partners

Wi Di Pipul is a new BBC Media Action show looking at health, education and social protection in Sierra Leone.

The weekly Krio-language radio show is broadcast to a national audience and produced as part of the DFID-funded SABI project (strengthening accountability, building inclusion), implemented by a Christian Aid-led consortium.

Who we’re trying to reach

Launched in late October 2016, Wi Di Pipul will be produced in a one-hour magazine format and will be on air until January 2018.

It will be broadcast to a national adult audience, targeted specifically at women, as well as marginalised young people, Ebola survivors, people with disabilities and other often-ostracised groups.

In parallel, social media platforms will be used to enhance reach and audience engagement with the programme. BBC Media Action will also provide regional training to broadcast journalists around accessing and using data to inform their existing local radio programmes.

Wi Di Pipul radio show

Listen to the first edition of #WiDiPipul

Our aims

Wi Di Pipul aims to increase awareness of rights and entitlements to services and the post-Ebola Presidential Recovery Priorities plan in Sierra Leone. In addition, the show examines ways in which the public and duty bearers can work together to make service providers more accountable to citizens, as well as sharing data about what works and finding solutions to challenges.

The show will focus on real stories about people trying to access quality services and the relationships between people, service providers and other leaders at community level.


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