Positive pathways to build a new health centre

Talia community’s dilapidated peripheral health unit, in ward 143 Koinadugu District, services a population of 15,000.

‘The old facility is run down, and could not provide the minimum standards for a health facility, as the labour room and ward out-patients departments were not separated’, Councillor Mr Sorie Mansaray explains

As well as space being a challenge to prevent the spread of infection, there is also not a ramp for people living with disabilities to access the centre.

Before SABI

The community were well aware that the health centre was not adequate but did not know the referral pathways to solve the problem. This lack of information, and understanding of the way forward, prevented people from taking responsibility within the community.


SABI interventions

With SABI orientation, members of the community explain that they now knew what they needed to do and which duty bearers to approach.

When I met the DMO (explain acronym) he was positive and straight away recommended a better health facility be constructed for the community due to its location, the difficulty of accessibility and proximity to the nearest health facility Gbentu which is about 19 miles away on a hilly terrain’, explains Regent Chief Rev Alimamy A Bangura.

This process also led to working again with a local NGO to construct a modern health centre. Previously there had been a misunderstanding between the NGO and the local community which led to the NGO leaving. The community now realise that it is their responsibility to work alongside the NGO to ensure appropriate community development.

‘We realized that development in our community is our responsibility, Regent Chief Rev Alimamy A Bangura asserts.


A new health centre

This challenge is now a thing of the past. A new health centre is due to open in November 2020. Through the SABI process, much has been learned. As Regent Chief Rev Alimamy A Bangura explains,

SABI has created an awareness-raising platform where the people of my community can hold service providers accountable for failing to perform their given tasks, it has also broaden our ideas on our responsibilities as stakeholders to take ownership of our developments.