SABI Accountable Governance Pathway Helped Yiegbeda Community Get a New School

The Aladura Junior Secondary school in Yiegbeda Community, in ward 77, Nimikoro Chiefdom, Kono District, has long been challenged with limited space for learning and recreational activities. Pupils are mostly hanging around in congested classrooms and teachers are unable to reach every child to observe their work because limited space.

The school has been unapproved since its establishment in 2000. Pupils and teachers have also not been properly engaged in extracurricular activities because the environment is not conducive.

During the presentation of evidence Yiegbeda Community, on the most urgent issues affecting the community, it was inclusively agreed, that the school environment need to be improved and a new structure should be erected. SABI supported the community to develop an action plan with embedded solutions that targeted specific stakeholders for support.

The Field Officer of SEND, a SABI partner in Kono District, rolled out the accountable governance pathways which highlighted the appropriate structures that are in place to oversee education services in the district. This helped stakeholders in Yiegbeda Community to raise concerns on the limited school structure in their community.

The Field Officer further raised the issue at district level, by creating a platform where the Deputy Director of Education engaged with school authorities from Yiegbeda Community. Through it all, the action plan was used as evidence of support needed.

With more concern been raised at ward and district level, the Deputy Director of Education identified the Aladura Junior Secondary school for approval.

With the involvement of young men, women and stakeholders in Yiegbeda Community, led by the Town Chief (Mr. A. D Dissia), a huge plot of land was allocated to the school authorities, including five thousand bricks.

Based on the action plan, they mobilised resources from influential stakeholders at ward, district and national level to build the school, including; Community members, Councilor, Member of Parliament, The Aladura Church and Mining Company in the district.

School building during construction

The intervention of SABI brought a new way of thinking to us. With what we have learnt from SABI, we are now confident to channel our problems. We will continue to raise concerns for the better – Town Chief Mr. A. D Dissia

SABI maintained a strong link between the ward and the district, by liaising with stakeholders to energise the action plan.

Completed School Structure

Today, the school has been built, the district education office allocated 20 long benches and desks. The school now benefits from government subsidy and the Performance Based Finance (PBF) Fund.