SABI Action Plan Improved Healthcare Services in Gbama Community

Low clinic attendance, lack of electricity and inability to preserve drugs have all been problems faced by the health facility in Gbama Community, ward 292, Bongor Chiefdom, Bo District. The centre has not been able to store vaccines and operate at night. Staff usually travel to the city hub in Bo Town, to collect vaccines in order to run door to door and clinic vaccination days.

The centre also uses low-quality lights to attend to pregnant women at night, in which case, they are asked to provide a minimal fee for batteries. Several meetings have been held to address the issue, but no results were obtained.

During the 2018 evidence presentation in Gbama Community, the FMC Chairman (Mr. Foday Bundu), the Chiefdom Development Committee Chairman (Mr. Raymond Bundu) and the Paramount Chief agreed to include the unavailability of electricity and refrigerator in the ward level action plan.

The Field Officer of RADA (Lucy Lahai), a SABI partner in the South, led a group of stakeholders (including the Councillor) from Gbama Community and presented the action plan to Council and DHMT at district level. This created an opportunity for the DMO and Council authorities to learn more about health care challenges in the community.

The DMO was inspired by the SABI action plan and how evidence was generated to showcase the problem. He agreed that support will be provided to Gbama health facility when funds are available. However, SABI continued to raise the issue at in-charges meeting at the end of every month.

It happened that UNICEF was providing solar lights and refrigerators to limited facilities in the district. Upon hearing this, the DMO used the action plan as evidence of action needed and requested for UNICEF’s support.

UNICEF acted upon this evidence and supplied the Gbama Community health facility with solar lights and a new refrigerator to preserve drugs.

The New Refrigerator

SABI has given us confidence and increased our knowledge and awareness. This has allowed us to engaged successfully for a refrigerator to safely keep vaccines at the health center – FMC Chairman, Foday Bundu.