SABI engagement leads to more involvement of PWDs

Sylvanus Vann-Fannah, a 37-year-old physically challenged young man in Moyamba town, Salina section, in Kayaimba chiefdom, one of the selected chiefdoms the SABI project is been implemented. Sylvanus was among the first set of people who were oriented on the SABI project in 2016. Since then, he has shown much interest in the work of SABI project for the benefit of persons with disabilities in Moyamba District.

He is a human rights activist working for Disability Rights Movement (DRIM-SL) for a long time, DRIM-SL is civil society organization that focus on advancing the rights and inclusion of people living with disability and other marginalized groups in society development. He was limited to advancing his advocacy for people living with disability because the group was not fully functional, and he lacks certain skills in advocacy and community engagements using rights-based approach. Since the inception of this project, this young man has benefited from series of policy literacy trainings and other activities that were implemented by SABI in his community and the District; which helped to capacitate him to engage district stakeholders and community people constructively on issue of inclusion and participation of vulnerable and marginalized groups in community development.

Because of his passion on creating the space for Persons with Disability and able persons, he was identified by the field officer who is the SABI project officer attached to RADA to support during facilitation and also serve as champion for SABI project in the District.

He was part of the action planning process, because of his artistic skill, he took the lead to draw facilities needed by his wards during the power mapping exercise. He suggested the inclusion of access to quality or safe drinking water for the community as a burning issue into the action plan. He volunteered to be the lead advocate and community champion for this specific action in the District. He has been leading delegations to council and engaging stakeholders for the provision of quality water supply for all in the township of Moyamba. Sylvanus and other members in his ward was also using radio for discussions to raise awareness on this issue and send message to the council for urgent action. Today, there is a pipe borne water in Moyamba town which is accessible by all.

He has been taken lead roles in community engagement by co-facilitating meeting with SABI field staff and mobilizing his colleagues to play active role in these meetings. Sylvanus is the secretary general for the SABI oversight committee in Moyamba district and has been very active in providing much needed support to the project implementations in Moyamba District.

As a result of Sylvanus pro-active roles and good community leadership in the District, the Moyamba District Local Council donated a new motor bike Bajaj Boxer to his organization DRIM-SL to enhance the day to day ruining of their organization especially in the monitoring of service delivery projects like the pipe borne water supply project and other developmental programmes to ensure persons with disabilities, women, youth and other marginalized groups benefit from those service in the District.

Another positive achievement in his advocacy through SABI project was, ten thousand litres of a Milla water tank was placed in his community closer to his house for easy access to safe drinking water that benefits over 6 – 8,000 people in the Salina community in ward 339.


  • Contributed to the inclusion of persons with disability in the list of ward development committee members in all wards within the district. This has resulted to making PWD feel confident and are included I most development issues or programmes.
  • Have play a pivotal role in making the water project in moyamba and its surrounding sustainable thereby making diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea rank low in the chiefdom
  • Improvement in the livelihood of PWD women’s group through the establishment of tailoring shops for skills training meant for marginalised women and girls which is presently working. This has made their chairlady Jeneba Williams a bread winner and have also been appointed the SLUDI chairpersons for the district .Plans are also on the way to upgrade their centre with the help of NaCSA.
  • The SABI skills acquired on Advocacy, Lobby, Governance path-ways Model, Policy literacy, stakeholders engagement etc. has made His Disable Persons Organisation called DRIM well established and created job employment for some youths and PWDs in the District thereby reducing the burden of street begging and youth crime.
  • PWD are now having access to medical services and the free-health care drugs