SABI Facilitated Ward Action Plan Improves Access to Health Services

Increased Clinic Attendance in Porpon Community

The Community Health Center (CHC) in Gbeika Community, ward 23, Jahn Chiefdom, Kailahun District, have for long been constrained with lack of freezer to preserve vaccines for the immunization of the under five children. The centre does not have mobility, so the CHC staff cover a long distance to preserve vaccines in another health centre, in the process, they pay high cost of transport and sometimes they walk on foot. This also led to delays in the administration of vaccines during immunization against polio.

In the development of the ward action plan, Restless Development supported stakeholders in Gbeika Community to priorities their problems and identify the best ways to approach them. Lack of freezer was recorded and ranked as a major challenge that should be addressed.

SEND-SL, a SABI partner in the East, further supported the Ward Development Committee (WDC), Facility Management Committee (FMC), Health Center Staff, and key ward stakeholders to map out the appropriate government pathways that should be engaged to solve the problem. This motivated the stakeholder to involve the Councilor and arranged for another meeting to discuss the problem at district level.

SEND facilitated a responsive platform with the DHMT in Kailahun District, where stakeholders from Gbeika Community presented their action plan and discussed the severity of the problem for urgent action. In attendance was; Isata Vandy, Gbeika CHC incharge, Henry Luseni, WDC Chairman, Bockarie Sannoh, Councillor of ward 23, Hawah Gbongboteh Person With Disability and Christopher Kovoma WDC member.

The DHMT sent in a team to assess the problem at Gbeika CHC, the team returned with feedbacks of urgency and encouraged the DHMT to provide support.  The DHMT acted upon this feedback and supported Gebika CHC with a freezer to preserve the vaccines.

Health workers no longer cover long distances or spend money to preserve vaccines. More pregnant women, lactating mothers and under-five children now benefit from the availability of drugs that have been well preserved in the facility.

There is an increase in the rate of the ANC attendance from 74 in July to 93 in August (Gbeika CHC ANC visit chat, 2019), because the vaccines are kept in the hospitals and they can be administered at any given time needed.

SABI was greatly appreciated for facilitating the accountable governance pathways.

Restless Development and SEND continues to monitor and track progress on other actions within the plan and encourage WDC members and other stakeholders to model SABI processes to solve more problems.