SABI GESI Scan Report 2018

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

SABI’s gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) strategy prioritises three strategic objectives, each intended to support the programme’s goal of improving access to entitlements and public goods and services for all – including women, young people, and persons with disability (PwD); and to build long term meaningful and sustainable change for accountability. In short, SABI aims to be GESI sensitive but lay the foundations for GESI transformative change.

The GESI Scan

In December 2018, SABI completed its second ‘Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Scan’. This annual self-reflection process is a key event in the SABI calendar – a chance to gain insight into how able staff feel to fulfil SABI’s objective of being consistently GESI sensitive, while laying the foundations for GESI transformative change. The findings from the scan were extremely encouraging, gathered from a combination of self-assessment surveys.

The final report is now ready for sharing. To access the final report, click here