SABI improved access to healthcare by building relationship

Increased Clinic Attendance in Porpon Community

Before the intervention of SABI project in Porpon Community, Falaba District, the health workers and community members were not in good terms. This feud led to a disconnection between the community and the health facility. Community members have no knowledge of services provided and drugs supplied at the centre. This eventually led to a reduction in people accessing the health facility.

During the SABI open community meeting in Porpon, SLSAV who is a SABI partner in the North and the Restless Development Youth Accountability Volunteers (YAVs), brought front-line service providers and other community members together, to introduce the programme. This was the beginning of a wider conversation that helped to smooth things over with service providers and service users.

SLSAV ensured that the meeting was inclusive and encouraged community members to know that all citizens, regardless of sex, age, class, ability or status should be informed, consulted and involved to create improved accountability of services for all.

The meeting also gave service providers and service users the opportunity to discuss service delivery gaps in Porpon Community using the infographics as evidence for collective action. This enabled them to put their differences aside and identified their own responsibilities to support the improvement of health services in the community. Community members accepted the evidence presented as their own voice and worked together with the YAVs and SLSAV Field Officer to develop action plans.

By the end of the meeting, a Facility Management Committee (FMC) was formed to oversee the services provided in the health facility in Porpon.

Facility Management Committee Inspecting Drug Supplies

I now understand the need to collaborate with community stakeholders for accountability on drug supplies and services provided – Nurse incharge – Madam Tinnah Fofanah

Today, access to health services have improved. Clients visits is on the increase, frontline service providers and community members are now in good terms. Drug supplies are witnessed and recorded together with the newly formed Facility Management Committee (FMC). The health centre staff provides regular updates on services provided, challenges faced and recommendations going forward.

Increased Clinic Attendance in Porpon Community


Increase in Clinic Attendance

Gender equality and social inclusion are central to the SABI programme. We support communities with the skills and support they need to become active agents of change in their communities.