SABI Inspired Makorbeh Community fo Demand for Water Facility

New school water facility in Masalaga Village

The Rural Education Committee Primary School in Makorbeh Community, Koya Chiefdom, ward 255, Port Loko District, did not have safe drinking water for its pupils. This had long been a major challenge even before the intervention of SABI. During evidence presentations, this problem came up as one that the community needed to solve urgently.

The Restless Development Youth Accountability Volunteers (YAVs), a SABI partner, and Peer Group Champions, worked together with community stakeholders to develop a wholistic action plan to solve the problem. SABI conducted a session on how best to approach that problem using the accountable governance pathway as a guide moving forward. The community stakeholders engaged the Councilor on the problem, using the action plan as evidence of support required, demanding that he presents it to the Development and Planning Officer (DPO) at district level.

SABI facilitated a feedback meeting, including the school and the community, where the Councilor reported on Council support and the process that needs to be followed to rehabilitate the water facilitated. Community members mobilised themselves and identified specific people to be part of the project.

Eventually, the water facility was rehabilitated by Council, the school now has access to safe water for both pupils and Teachers. A total of 270 pupils (164 boys and 106 girls) and 6 teachers (4males and 2 females) now have access to a safe water source. This has strengthened the link between the school and the community, and increased good hygiene practices.

Thanks to SABI for inspiring us to demand for what we want. We will continue to lobby in order to achieve the remaining actions on the plan – SMC Chairman Mr. John Jabba.

Community people feel more confident to demand for basic services and amenities from their service providers.

With this experience, the people of Makorbeh Community now demonstrate increased demand for improved services by developing new action plans and using the accountable governance pathways to approach stakeholders to obtain support.