SABI Inspired a New Water Facility in Mague Community

New Water Facility in Mague Community

Before the intervention of SABI project in Mague community,Gbendembu Chiefdom ward 102, Bombali District, people were unable to access clean water supply for drinking and other domestic purposes, for about 2years. Youths, women and children in the community use to fetch water from a  local stream, which  led to the outbreak of Malaria, Diarrhea and Cholera incidences in the community. 

During the intervention of Restless Development’s Youth Accountability Volunteers (YAVs) in March 2018, this issue of lack of clean drinking water was identified as a striking concern for the community. The YAVs supported the community to develop an action plan with embedded solutions that targeted specific stakeholders for support. With the knowledge provided by YAVs, the community rated access to clean water as a high priority need, and voted for it to be addressed first.

This agreement came with the belief that solving this water problem, will help solve reduce the outbreak of Malaria, Diarrhea and Cholera incidences in the community.

The YAVs also introduced the accountable governance pathways to the community which inspired the people to raise concerns on their water problem in the community. Influential Stakeholders like Paramount Chief and Councilor (Mr. Desmond Bangura) were identified by the community, to lead a presentation to World hope organization, regarding their water situation. The presentation featured key items outline in the SABI action plan, as the Councilor talks about the way forward.

SABI has motivated us to move actively and do things to help us solve problem. SABI has taught us how to develop ideas and link people that will take action to solve our problem – Councilor, Mr. Desmond Bangura.

The Councilor also forwarded to action plan to the Bombali District Council and discussed interventions in Mague Community. The development and planning officer included Mague Community in their plan, to provide support when funds are available.

As an organisation working on WASH in Gbendembu Chiefdom, World Hope embraced the presentation, and encouraged the team to form a support group within the community, which will facilitate resource mobilization efforts in the community. The team also agreed to provide land and  sticks to support the project.  After the meeting, young people were mobilized in readiness for World Hope’s intervention.

With the community fulfilling their own side of the agreement, World hope stepped in, in May 2018, and constructed the hand pump, that  now benefits approximately 350 community members, of which 175 are children and young people.

New Water Facility in Mague Community

The provision of safe drinking water to Maque community has improved hygiene in the community, and reduced the cholera, diarrhea and malaria illnesses in the community. SABI was highly appreciated for inspiring the people in Mague Community to demand for a service that they wanted badly.