How SABI inspired people in Kakondobie Community to rise up

Joint Monitoring Visit to Kakondobie Community

People in Kakondobie Community in ward 142, Tamiso chiefdom, Koinadugu district, have struggled to access healthcare services for long. Most clients (pregnant and lactating mothers) cover over 2 miles to access maternal health services in a nearby community. This has given rise to the prevalence drug peddlers and increase in the uptake of traditional medicine in the community. The unavailability of an equipped health facility in Kakondobie community, formed unhealthy perceptions among people and thus reduced their interest in maintaining good hygiene practices.

Stakeholders in Kakondobie Community have explained the situation to Council and DHMT, but all commitments made were long underway.

In June 2019, the intervention of SABI in Kakondobie Community injected new energy that motivated stakeholders to lead in solving the problems in their community.

The Restless Development Youth Accountability Volunteers helped the community to prioritise the issues they are facing, and to identify the people and structures who have the power to resolve those problems. They used data and evidence collected through its Citizen Perception Surveys, to make a community action plan. The action plan featured unavailability of health facility as the most immediate issue to address.

With this new-found inspiration, community leaders in Kakondobie were motivated to allocate a piece of land and formed a working group made up of young people and young women. The working group presented their plans to the Councilor, who further engaged the DHMT in Koinadugu.

Mr James King, a DHMT representative at the ministry of health, advised that the building should have four rooms, a water well, and should benefit at least ten catchment areas around Kakondobie Community. The DHMT further conducted a verification process and confirmed that the community needed a health facility.

SABI has played an important role in energizing this community to act. We have been known to support communities to improve healthcare, but with what we have seen here, communities will be supporting us to get the job done. We will get this center approved when it’s completed – Mr James King, a DHMT representative.

The DHMT and District Council did not have funds at the time to build the health facility, but this did not stop the people in Kakondobie community. The stakeholders mobilized local resources like sand, sticks and stones, which was used to make 150 local bricks for the project.

The Community Provided Land, Sticks and Stones.


Joint Monitoring Visit to Kakondobie Community by SLSAV, Focus 1000, DHMT Koinadugu and Ministry of Health.

SABI partner in the North – SLSAV, conducted a visit to Kakondobie Community, together with Focus 1000 (SABI national Partner), SABI Senior Programme Officer – North and representative of the DHMT. The visit motivated the DHMT to provide more support when funds are available, supply drugs and allocate health workers to run the center.

The community led building project is ongoing, and stakeholders are optimistic about approaching future challenges the same way.

Though there is still a way to go to reach their vision of a community with full access to quality health services,  it is clear SABI’s presence has empowered the community and made them see what is possible with greater knowledge of their rights and a commitment to change. The programme has offered ideas of how to approach challenges facing the community.