SABI inspires ‘good things to happen’

New PHU Structure in Lalehun Kpombalie Community

The community of Lalehun Kpombalie has no health facility – so sometimes women making the five mile journey to nearby Nyandehun Mambabu for maternity care end up giving birth along the rugged road.

Lalehun Kpombalie, in ward 7, Luawa Chiefdom, Kailahun District, is not a SABI target community. But Nyandehun Mambabu, where most health and education facilities are centred, is.

In a bid to mobilise resources and get support for better healthcare in Lalehun Kpombalie, ward development committee member and women’s leader Wuyah Morie visited their neighbours to learn more about the SABI community engagement process. She joined an action plan development meeting and saw the high level of inclusion and active participation of different groups of people.

Wuyah gained useful insights from SABI partner SEND, including advice on the accountable governance pathways to development. She went back and worked with the community in Lalehun Kpombalie, using the information she received from SEND and shared learning of how community people in Nyandehun Mambabu are able to make good things happen, through taking ownership, being involved and learning from SABI.

‘We are ready for development, but we just needed someone to show us which steps to take,’ says Fatmata Clare, head of Lalehun Kpombalie women’s group. ‘We consult each other here for everything, and we will support with whatever we have to make things happen’.

Fatmata Clare – head of Lalehun Kpombalie women’s group

With this new-found inspiration, Wuyah Morie teamed up with Councillor Alhaji Sannoh, including SEND, and presented their health concerns to representatives of the Kailahun District Council and the District Health Management Team.

The DHMT conducted a verification process in Lalehun Kpombalie and found the community needed a health facility. Since the DHMT and council did not have the funds at the time to build it, they put the project on hold and promised to revisit Lalehun Kpombalie when budget was available.

But this did not stop Wuya Morie, Councillor Sannoh and the wider community. They mobilised men and women in the community, who gathered local materials and identified land where the health facility should be built.

When their honourable member of Parliament Hindolo Ngavao visited the community, they raised the same concerns and asked for support in providing healthcare for their people.

Mr Ngavao presented Le 3 million to the community as his contribution to kick off the project. Councilor Sannoh sought approval from the DHMT and authorised the community to begin the building project. The main structure of the health facility is now nearly finished.

New PHU Structure in Lalehun Kpombalie Community

The community has plans to add a water well, toilet and lodgings for health staff to the health facility, and is continuing to follow up with the council and DHMT for further support to complete the project.

SABI believes communities have the power to drive sustainable change themselves. We work in communities to provide support, promote inclusion, build ownership, and inspire leadership in addressing the most urgent issues in health, education and social protection.

‘We can do anything in this community,’ said Bockarie Moiwai, youth leader in Lalehun Kpombalie. ‘That is why we always work together and SABI has helped us to know that togetherness is strength. We need SABI in this community more than anything else.’

Bockarie Moiwai – youth leader in Lalehun Kpombalie