SABI intervention helps Ropolon community regain access to social services.

Newly constructed bridge

People from Ropolon Community often travel about 4 miles to Robain Community (ward 123) Bombali District, to access health services.  However, access to health services became challenging for people in Ropolon Community, when the main bridge leading to Robain Community collapsed.

The bridge is said to have been in existence for almost two decades, connecting to the regional hospital and major schools in the chiefdom. After the collapse, most people especially pregnant women, lactating mothers, persons with disabilities and school pupils find it difficult to cross over to access services. It cost a bit more to use other long-distance routes to get to Robain.

Collapsed bridge between Ropolon and Robain Community

The intervention of SABI with open community meetings and evidence presentations in Ropolon Community enabled stakeholders to learn their roles and responsibilities for improvement in basic social amenities, including problem solving skills using mapping and delegation of tasks. They raised up the issue of the bridge and discussed best ways of solving it. This informed the development of a community action plans, which ranked the rehabilitation of the bridge as the most urgent issue that need to be solved.

The Chiefdom Development Committee including the Local Councilor (Ibrahim Nelson Kamara), led the mobilisation of people and resources to fix the bridge. Groups of young men and women were organised to provide man-power and carried sticks, nails, mud, timber logs and food. Stakeholders provided fuel for the local power saw to cut the logs.

Eventually, the community worked together and rebuilt the bridge. Now community people in Ropolon Community has regained access to their health and educational services.

Newly constructed bridge

As a new councillor, SABI provided the opportunity for me to understand how my responsibility to mobilise can inspire change. Thanks to SABI for creating the platform for this to happen – Ibrahim Nelson Kamara.