The SABI Learning Review Report

SABI Learning Review Report

SABI Learning Review – Triggering citizen action

SABI is a programme that supports citizens to effectively engage the state for improved service delivery in health, education and social protection.

We have addressed many barriers that inhibit the extent to which citizens ask for improved services, including generating evidence of problems faced, enhancing knowledge of citizens on policies and governance pathways, and facilitating inclusive action planning processes. We have evidence that this approach has increased citizen demands to government for improved delivery of basic services.

To understand the trends and extent to which our approach has encouraged citizens’ actions to engage the state, SABI has conducted a nationwide learning review, which examines the fundamental question – To what extent has the process of evidenced action planning and follow up by SABI supported citizen action for accountable governance? The review reflected upon our database of 786 community action plans across the country, as well as qualitative data gathered through field work.

With interviews and group discussions conducted with implementing partners, youth accountability volunteers and community members, SABI has documented some meaningful and mind-blowing lessons, outlined in this exciting and informative report.

SABI Learning Review Report, ‘Triggering citizen action for improved public services in Sierra Leone’

We are delighted to share with you the report which demonstrates that interventions designed specifically to address the capability, opportunity and motivation factors that inhibit citizen action, can facilitate change.  We celebrate the citizens – women, men, people with disabilities, young people and others – who have pushed boundaries for improvement in basic services. It also shines a light on ‘how’ SABI has supported citizens to build relationships with state actors, effectively hold government to account, work through linkages, ask for responses and drive sustainable change themselves.

Finally, the report provides a number of recommendations for other actors interested in supporting citizen-led accountable governance, including:

  • Create a multi-level design of partners and functions that relates to the local political economy
  • Collect broad and in-depth data through surveys and case studies
  • Balance planning, action and reflection
  • Textless infographics and written materials to support citizen action for social accountability are both powerful
  • Frame citizen demands within what is viable in policy and law

Please find attached, the SABI Learning Review Report, ‘Triggering citizen action for improved public services in Sierra Leone’