SABI national engagement improving service in communities.

In Tunkia Chiefdom

In September 2019, the SABI Team engaged MBSSE to help resolve the leadership vacuum for a qualified Principal to lead the Tunkia Secondary School in Kenema District.

This disagreement among members of the community in recruiting a substantive school principal posed delays in processing documents and the supply of textbooks, school furniture, and payment of subsidy etc.

Several attempts were made at the community and district level to resolve the problem but were all futile. The district education office conducted recruitment processes twice for the principal position but was turned down by the community.

SABI, through FOCUS 1000 was contacted by SEND SL to intervene at national level. We first made a courtesy visit in September 2019 to the Deputy Director of Education (Madam Agnes Kamara) in Kenema to brief her and obtain first-hand information, where she disclosed to SABI that the post has been advertised twice,

Interviews were conducted but none of the candidates was deemed acceptable by the community representatives. The post has been re-advertised and the contending parties have been advised to apply, she mentioned.

The SABI Team later visited the community and after several hours of discussion, a strong commitment was made by stakeholders to support the recruitment process for a due procedure.

We later reached out to the Chief Education Officer (Mr Kamara) in Freetown who made an official visit to the district to address the issue.

Tunkia Secondary School in Kenema District.

After several engagements with MDAs at both national and district levels, the recruitment process was finally completed in February 2020. The school now has a qualified principal in place, and have received quarterly subsidies, textbooks and other benefits from the government. This happened as a result of SABI intervention at national level.


In Gbendembu Chiefdom

Similarly, in February 2020, SABI Team conducted a joint visit to Gbendembu Community, ward 102 in Bombali District on the 29th February 2020, where the community people expressed the need for a health facility in the chiefdom due to the numerous challenges they face to access the nearest PHU.

Action points were developed at the end of the meeting as to the approaches to use to solve their problem. Several followed-up were made from the District Council, DHMT Kambia to national level.

The community has been able to mobilise resources from different people including their Parliamentarian, the District Council supporting with over 100 bags of cement and local contributions.

The SABI Team on the 25th February 2021 made a visit to the community to follow up on the previous action points as the programme is coming to an end. The community has commenced the construction of a 9-bedroom building to be used as a health facility. The foundation work is ongoing, and they are committed to complete the work by end of the year if they get the required support.

Ongoing Building Project in Gbendembu


Ongoing Building Project in Gbendembu


Abie Kamara – Women’s Leader Gbendembu Community.


It was SABI that gave us the sense. This is more like teaching us how to fish instead of giving us fish. SABI has enlightened us and now we have seen the need to work together to solve our own problem. We didn’t even know how to put things in place and kickstart a project like this, we are just happy that we can now identify our problems and do something about it.

– Abie Kamara – Women’s Leader Gbendembu Community, Ward 102, Gbendembu Chiefdom –  Bombali District.


In his statement, the Headman, Pa Kobba Kargbo expressed gratitude to SABI for the knowledge and wisdom they have bestowed on them.

SABI has given us the best tool to grow, he stated.


We have used the right channel to get to where we are today and we will continue to use that same pathway to get development in our community even when SABI will not be here.

– Chief Ya Posseh Sesay.