SABI process helped galvanize support on action plan and got hand pump water facility in Gbangbatoke Community

After series of constraint to get access to safe and affordable drinking water within the township and its surrounding, this situation poses threat to the health condition of the community via; increased cases of diarrhea, PWDs faces challenge to get water from the stream that is meters off the town and, people who attends the trade fare usually finds it difficult to access safe drinking water.

On this note, the ward development committee members and other stakeholders met the ward councilor to channel their case to council and any other humanitarian group. This was already part of their Action plan developed for 2020.

As a result of effectively marketing the SABI model which community leadership have now adopted as a working tool to enhance sustainable development, an action plan was developed in which, the availability of safe drinking water in the affected communities inclusive Gbangbatoke was prioritized.

Adherence to the governance pathways to help achieve desired results relating to the issues prioritized in the action plan, the Councilor was designated to take the leadership stance in ensuring the prioritized issues are tabled to Council for redress. In honor and fulfilment of leadership mandate on the part of the Councilor, he presented through the DPO for the attention and action of the Chief Administration in a Council meeting the issues prioritized in their action plan for redress.

District Council CA committed and aligned the issue of water provision with the UMC developmental projects agenda in which, the assured Council of their willingness to ensure the provision of water well and the implemented as committed.

As a result of the community understanding and embracing the SABI model, their demand was attended to and have actualized the under mentioned results:

  • The has been decreased in incidences of diarrhea reported at the health facility within the period of providing the hand pump that have increased access to safe drinking water
  • There has been reduction on the burden of trekking meters off to community to the river to access water for drinking purpose by school pupils and PWDs has been minimized.
  • Constraints for access to safe drinking water experienced by marketers that converge for trade fare has been addressed with the provision of hand pump.

In the spirit of demonstrating sign of appreciations for the timely intervention of the Councilor, District Council and UMC, Mr. Albert Tommy WDC and Prominent stakeholder in the chiefdom said in Mende ‘’ Mu gohun neh gor SABI va gbevasei ei mu loilor pe yekpema na we pia mu nja yekpe major ga” (we appreciate SABI for showing us the path-ways to actualizing our developmental aspirations of which, the provision of safe and affordable drinking water)