SABI Sierra Leone brand guidelines

UK aid logo on a motorbike

These brand guidelines are intended to enable the SABI programme team, our consortium and national partners, Sierra Leone-based designers and printers, and other stakeholders to implement the SABI brand identity quickly and consistently.

They cover the use of the SABI logo, typefaces and colours, as well as how to use the logos of UKaid, Christian Aid and other partners. Please follow these guidelines as closely as possible and share them with all who need to work with the SABI brand.

If you require any further guidance in the production of SABI branded resources, have any questions about implementing these guidelines or if you need copies, larger or different versions of the following logos: SABI, UKaid, Christian Aid, consortium or implementing partners, please do not hesitate to contact Chris McWilliams at

SABI Sierra Leone brand identity (PDF)