SABI Theory of Change

SABI Theory of Change

This document is the SABI Theory of Change, which describes how SABI sees change happening towards its intended Outcome.

This document has five sections:

The first section sets out the context and the accountable governance problem in which SABI is situated and introduces the local governance structures and relationships that SABI will work with and support over the course of the programme.

The second section lays out the SABI areas of change in relation to its intended Outputs and Outcome, and overall larger impact showing its relevance towards the governance problem and context.

From here, Section three lays out how SABI will work towards its intended outcome, what needs to happen for results to be achieved illustrating the overall broad SABI Theory of Change (ToC) and the specific pathways of change within the broad ToC.

Section four presents the overarching key assumptions of the SABI ToC that describes how change is hypothesized to happen from community to national level. Section five has the conclusions.

Download the full document here.