How SABI Transformed Abdulai Bao into a Role Model in Gorahun

Abdulai Bao is a community Youth Accountability Volunteer who lives in Gorahun community, Tunkia chiefdom, and Kenema district. Before now, Abdulai has no main source of livelihood in the community. Having sat to the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) he decided to stay in his community Gorahun and volunteered as a Vaccinator at the Health Centre in the community.

However, Abdulai was faced with so many challenges by his fellow youths, family members and community elders like neglect and his contributions at the Health centre and community as a whole were not recognized by anyone. Training on skills for vaccinators in the community was diverted from him and this is where he thought that life was unfair with him even to interact with some people in the community or include in social activities was difficult due to neglect, he faced. Because of his lack of confidence, he was not able to talk in public places or address issues openly before he came into contact with SABI.

Having much expectations from his younger ones and never t traveled outside of his chiefdom perceived him as a less worthy person. When he came to know about Restless Development SABI volunteer Programme in his community in 2016, he applied for the position twice but unable to succeed yet he believes failure should not be feared instead of being terrified or regretful he applied again for the same position the other year and among other applicants, he was successful.

Through the different trainings and engagements undertaken by SABI, like foundation training, mid-term training, monthly learning and sharing meeting, wider community engagement meetings, sensitization, data collection through smartphone and uploaded in different reporting tool transform and reposition his life.

He has gained increase skills on networking with other YAVs and community people through the monthly team meetings and community engagements. He is able to use a smartphone because of data collection, learning survey and other inputting. He was also exposed in different learning skills like community mobilization skills, report writing skills and facilitation skills. He is also able to support his younger ones in their schooling.

He has now travel to big towns and cities on training and monthly meeting. Moreover, he has become a consultant in community development activities. Abdulai Bao stated that even when his tenure with Restless Development will come to an end, he will use the skills gained to continue to mobilize his community and fellow youth on developmental driven Programmes. Foster the implementation of existing community action plans and channel the issue of service delivery to the service provide.