SABI – Communications and Learning Strategy

SABI Communications Strategy

Good communications are integral to achieving the objectives of the SABI programme and a vital component in strengthening demand for sound, equitable and accountable governance for improved service provision. Amplifying the voice and experiences of service users, communities, marginalised groups and civil society organisations is central to the objectives of the SABI programme and to the delivery of this strategy.

Furthermore, effective communications are critical in providing relevant, accurate and timely information about SABI in Sierra Leone and beyond, to ensure an appropriate level of profile for SABI and its work, to facilitate stakeholder engagement at all levels and to enable programme learning to be widely shared.

This communications strategy articulates how SABI is seeking to build general awareness around the key issues and themes at its heart, change citizen attitude and behaviour regarding interacting with state service providers for accountability, and gain support for the changes we seek through the programme. It explains how we are building an appropriate and recognisable brand and profile for the project with key targeted audiences internationally, in Sierra Leone, and in communities.

Download our communications strategy here