See how SABI boosted access to quality health services in Moyamba Town.

More Confidence Restored in Health Workers

Access to quality healthcare in Moyamba town has been challenging since 2017, especially for pregnant and lactating mothers. The government hospital in ward 338, which serves about 22,697 people from all over the chiefdom, lacks stable electricity and good obstetric theatre. The paediatric ward was located near a bush, where people usually complain of snakes. This reduced the confidence of people in the facility and increased the uptake of local medications. Most people started travelling to Bo, in order to access better healthcare. But this has been a long-standing problem that other development agencies in the district have been trying to address.

During evidence presentations at ward level, the citizens perceptions data clearly showed the problem with the Moyamba Government Hospital. People agreed that its true and raised more concerns about the deplorable conditions of the hospital. Representatives of the Ward Development Committee (WDC) saw the need to include this in the action plan, to engage DHMT on the way forward to addressing the issues.

SABI supported the WDC to come up with workable solutions to include in the action plan, using the accountable governance pathways as a guide. Together with Chiefdom authorities, they identified to approach the DHMT and District Council with the problem.

Upon receiving the action, the District Medical Officer (Dr. Jogonpie) identified their role in solving the problem but stated that they could not do it alone. They teamed up with the Councilor (Mrs. Elizabeth Dambo) and Town Chief from Moyamba Town (Johaness Brima) to engage authorities at the District Council solicit more support.

The Chairman of the District Council (Joseph Benedict Mbogba) reviewed their action plans and reveals that they have similar elements in their development plans, and that the Moyamba action plan is a justification that access to healthcare is a felt need. The DHMT agreed to provide solar facilities to the hospital and supported the rehabilitation of the Paediatric ward and obstetric theatre. The District Council Chairman agreed to provide monthly supply fuel as backup electricity for the Moyamba government hospital.

Rehabilitation of the Moyamba Government Hospital


SABI Featured in Council Update Meetings

Although other development partners in Moyamba town have taken their own actions to address the issue, the SABI supported action plan, infographics and inclusive engagements with the accountable governance pathways, added more justification and pressure in motivating district stakeholders to take action.

SABI has contributed to improving the Moyamba Government Hospital because the data they presented to us emphasizes the need for collective action to solve the problem. We usually hold meetings with other partners to address the issue but the SABI action plan represents the voice people in Moyamba, and that is what matters – Joseph Benedict Mbogba, Chairman of the District Council.

Today, the Moyamba Government hospital runs on constant electricity, the maternal/paediatric ward has been renovated and the construction of a new obstetric theatre is ongoing. This has boosted clinic attendance, and stakeholders in Moyamba town now uses a similar approach to address other urgent issues affecting them.

More Confidence Restored in Health Workers

SABI continues to link service users and service providers to address the gaps in service delivery, by facilitating collaborations at local level, using evidence of citizens voice and accountable governance pathways to identify influential stakeholder.