Working with authorities delivers improved schooling in Kpandebu

School child in Sierra Leone

School reconstructed in Kpandebu

In Kpandebu, Dama Chiefdom, the community school known as the Kenema District Education Council Primary school, has a total of 100 pupils on its annual enrollment. 65 girls and 35 boys. The school building was in a dilapidated state, with parts of the walls cracked, roof perforated and windows fallen apart, thereby posing a high risk to pupils and teachers. This was identified as a problem from the Citizens Perception Survey conducted by SABI and was enlisted on the action plan.

A key point within the action plan was for the SABI peer group champions and School Management Committee (SMC) to write a letter of appeal to Madam Reginatu Sheriff, who is the former councilor for Ward 36, asking for support.

The Councilor welcomed the initiative and teamed up with Councilor Yatta Sama of ward 35, to address the issue. They approached the District Council Education Committee in Kenema town and explained the inclusive process that led up to the development of action plans in Kpandebu.

Through strong lobbying, the District Education Office was authorized to include the school in Kpandebu, on its list of projects for immediate reconstruction. As a result of this action, the old school building was demolished and reconstructed up to standard. Community members contributed local materials and provided man power support.

The school has now been approved by the Ministry of Education, but before approval their primary source of funding was from Community contributions, which was very slow. The school is now safe, secure and fully functional.

School reconstructed in Kpandebu

Now pupils and their teachers enjoy a safe and conducive environment for learning. The community recognized the critical role of SABI and the Citizens Perception Survey data in this process.

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