Stakeholders in Kamabala Community Now Modelling SABI Process to Achieve Their Goal

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

The Councillor (Desmond A. Koroma – 079-760-432) for ward 193 Tonko Limba Chiefdom, has held himself accountable together with community stakeholders for the lack of community centre hall at Kamabala. This have trigger him to engaged with community stakeholders to lead the process of solving this problem. “We will work as a team to see that we erect a very good structure, which can serve this generation and the generation yet to come, with resources from us the Kamabala people, which will serve as a legacy for us all’’.

Kamabala community is one of the most renown communities found in Tonko Limba Chiefdom for its great traditional healers that inhabit the community. The community has a demographic rate of more than seven hundred and fifty inhabitants, with a household of approximately one hundred and fifty (150). The community has one school building, a church and a mosque. This community is face with one big challenge to host visitors during open community meeting. This situation forces them to always keep meeting outside that posed series of weather and environmental challenges such as the sun, rain and noise.

From the previous SABI engagements with the Councilor together with his WDCs members and community people of ward 193 in Kamabala community to assess their roles and responsibilities, the WDC members and community stakeholders accepted their challenge of not working towards their roles and responsibilities since selected as members of the ward. The councilor brought up this issue to his WDC and community stakeholders and they all welcome the idea and pledge to work together to build the community center with their own resources.

Already, community members have contributed 30,000 Leones at household level and have collected local resources (sand, stones and sticks) for the construction of the centre. Also, they have set committees to monitor the construction of the centre.

The construction of the centre as commenced, with the conduction of the foundation. Community people continue to push for the mobilization of local resources as the construction is under way.

The construction of the centre has started and other communities within the ward have been informed and asked to support the process. Plans have been set for monthly update meetings on the construction so that the wider communities understand the progress of the work at hand.