In line with the programme mandate, SABI seeks to strengthen the effective functioning of Ward Development Committees (WDCs) and Local Councils (LCs) to operate as elected representatives of citizens and as bodies accountable to citizens feedback and complaints regarding service delivery.

In order to be effective in this regard, SABI facilitated a process of ‘capacity self-assessment’ with the WDCs and LCs, thereby offering individuals involved in these institutions the opportunity to identify their strengths and areas requiring attention. By doing so, it is envisioned that capacity strengthening processes will be owned more by these bodies, thereby contributing to high levels of sustained improvements.

This report presents the findings of the capacity self-assessment process and provides an analysis of these findings using the COM-B model, a behaviour change framework that has been operationalised in all aspects of the SABI programme. COM-B allows the programme team to diagnose the causes of poor functioning within these bodies and offers an evidence-base for intervention design and assessment. On the basis of this analysis, the report then offers recommendations, both for delivery by SABI directly, and for consideration by other stakeholders aiming to strengthen local government in Sierra Leone.


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